A Diary of My Captivity, Day 6

by corey on October 5, 2012

I had a productive evening of writing last night. I got most of the promised short story written for this here website—plus I outlined a second story as well. Both of the stories are based on events that happened when I was a kid, one to me and one to my best friend. I bet I could write an entire collection of stories about some of the truly bizarre things that happened in my small town when I was a child. People tend to think that kids growing up in small towns have these Norman Rockwell-style upbringings, but there was a lot of darkness in my little town. Still is, I bet. But dark times make for good stories, right?

I got so caught up in writing last night that I didn’t even hit the cot until early this morning. At around 2:30 a.m. I finally turned off my music, turned on my white noise machine, lowered the blinds halfway, checked to make sure all the doors were double locked, set the alarm, turned off the lights, and slipped under my blanket. Just like routine. It’s funny how quickly humans can become used to their living conditions. After nearly a week here, I’ve now got my own personal system down pat. Living in the window of a library doesn’t even seem odd to me anymore.

When I woke up this morning, I slipped into my daytime routine. Climb out of the cot. Fold the blanket. Put up the blinds. Turn on the lamp. Brush my teeth. I’m going to kind of miss living here after noon tomorrow. Kind of.

The story by Westfield librarian Joel Bruns went live this morning at the Young Adult Literacy Services Association blog The Hub. Check it out, if you have a chance! Joel did a great job condensing a long conversation into a relatively short blog piece. I especially like how he used quotes from Slaughterhouse-Five as section dividers.

For lunch, my buddy Jason Roscoe (who writes for the video game/movie/TV/comic book review site Basement Rejects) popped in with some delicious fast food. Mmm. Burgers.

Shortly after lunch, we finally got the webcam up and functioning. Yay! Better (really) late than never, right? At least you guys get one day of voyeuristic fun before I move out.

I also got to meet and talk to Richard Vonnegut, a cousin of Kurt’s, this afternoon. He works for the Hoosier Rails to Trails Council, which is doing really good work advocating for trails and greenways across the state of Indiana. Keep fighting the good fight, Richard!

This evening’s reader was former first lady of Indiana Judy O’Bannon. She read from To Kill a Mockingbird—and she was fantastic! She made the characters come alive. Seriously, if I could hire her to follow me around all day reading to me, I would. New career recording audiobooks, Mrs. O’Bannon? The ACLU of Indiana was also here tonight to present Kurt Vonnegut’s Sagamore of the Wabash award to the Vonnegut Library, where it will now be housed. The library was packed for both events—standing room only. Plus it was First Friday, so lots of folks wandered in and out of the library all evening, chatting, drinking beer and wine, eating cheese and crackers, and stopping to marvel at the wall of banned books and to talk about their favorite ones. All in all, it was the perfect way to end my week in my “cell.”


P.S. This will probably be my last diary entry for the blog. I get released from captivity tomorrow at noon, so I doubt I’ll have much to write about from just those few hours. Who knows, though; I might surprise myself and post something tomorrow anyway. If nothing else, I will definitely be posting my short story this weekend, although that might not be until Sunday.

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