banned-buttonMan to live inside Vonnegut Library to protest book banning from September 27 – October 3, 2015

At this year’s celebration of national Banned Books Week, once again local artists will reimagine the covers of banned or threatened literature and display their work at the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library – while DePauw University Dean of Libraries Rick Provine lives 24/7 in its plate-glass window, in a “prison” of banned books. He will be blogging about his experience and thoughts about banned books within society. This year’s event will be special as we go back to college! Every day of banned books week will highlight various college rivalries so be prepared to support your alma mater through the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library during Banned Books Week. Feel free to check out the list of banned or challenged books.

DSCN0498Other events:

  • Nightly: Rick’s Bedtime Stories – Local writers and celebrities will read to Provine from banned books.
  • Monday – DePauw University/Wabash College Rivalry Events featuring a few very special guests and readings from alums Joe Heithaus (DU) and ​Marc Hudson (WC)
  • Tuesday – Lunch presentation with Constance Macy and African American Banned Literature Night
  • Wednesday – partnership with the Indiana Repertory Theater production of The Great Gatsby. Purdue University/Ball State University Day. Lunch presentation with Rai Peterson.
  • Thursday – Butler Day
  • Friday - IUPUI and UIndy Day. Closing Presentation by Joshua Kane at the Central Library.
  • Attendees – special appearances by Nanny Vonnegut, Joshua Kane, Constance Macy, Michael Sheldon, and more.
  • Auction – silent auction featuring redesigned book artwork of special Banned Books and tickets to upcoming events.
  • Gift shop sale – Receive discounts on selected merchandise and library memberships.

All events will be free to the public. Please stay tuned for more, exciting event announcements!


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 Banned Books Master List

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The Vonnegut Library seeks support for its Banned Books Week activities this year. We are looking for donations and volunteers. To learn more about our Banned Books Week activities and donate to the cause, email us.  Please e-mail us at if you can help with events.