Thank you to everyone who made Banned Books Week 2015 a huge success – our best week yet! We will be announcing the 2016 BBW schedule soon.


Man to live inside Vonnegut Library to protest book banning from September 27 – October 2, 2015

At this year’s celebration of national Banned Books Week, once again local artists will reimagine the covers of banned or threatened literature and display their work at the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library – while DePauw University Dean of Libraries Rick Provine lives 24/7 in its plate-glass window, in a “prison” of banned books. He will be DSCN0498blogging about his experience and thoughts about banned books within society. This year’s event will be special as we go back to college! Every day of banned books week will highlight various college rivalries so be prepared to support your alma mater through the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library during Banned Books Week. Feel free to check out the list of banned or challenged books.




All events will be free to the public, except the IRT The Great Gatsby tickets. Or feel free to stop by the Library to hang out with Rick and discuss literature, banned books, academia, and music!

 The Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library thanks everyone who contributed to our Banned Books Week Kickstarter campaign. Thank you to those listed below and to several anonymous fans of Vonnegut who joined the fight against censorship and made the Vonnegut Library’s 2015 Banned Books Week possible.

Ray Adams
Gordon Allbritton
Rev. Stig Jørund B. Arnesen
David Ash of Lexington, KY
Dylan Asher
Jack Baur
Bryce Bederka
Dave Begley
Derek Beigh and Megan Cavitt
Greg Boone
Richard Boulanger and Karen LoPresti
John Brainard
Rev. Steve Bush MRI
Erin Cataldi, Crazy Cat Lady Librarian
Ellen Considine
Evalyn N Cresencia
Deirdre Crimmins
Nicholas Croft
Julie Daellenbach
RF Daniel
Dan Day
Ray Dittmeier
Thomas DN
JD Ferries
Lorae Adefe Fistor -seeker of truth and freedom
The Francev Family
Daniel Gathman
Lisa Goodman
A. Waller Hastings
Zoe Hayes
John Heine
Derek Howard
Chris Hurst
Jennifer M. Kakio
Tom Kiefer
Patrick King
Kathy Koons
Lexi Kostelecky
Dr. Marc Leeds
Vinny Lohan
Frank Lopez
Rebecca M
David Marteney
Johnny Mayall
Sherry McCutcheon
Jim Mcelroy
Lauren McGuire
Danny Mendoza
L.A. & J.C. Millheim
Alasdair Nicol
Ominous Ohnemus
Jeffrey Parkin
Natalie Peeterse
Adrienne Peters, MA/LSW
Mike Powers
Jeff Robelen
Dom R. Robinson
Kathy Roper
Wendy E Rowe
Benjamin Russell
Jeremy Salfen
K. Sandstrom
Riccardo Sartori
Jason B .Scott
Ryan Snyder
Alice Steinke
Yancey Strickler
Michael & Jenelle Torem
C. van Leeuwen
Kathy Walker
Doug  Waltonbaugh
Bob Weide
Kathi Windheim
John Worland (Honorary Tralfamadorian)
Fumika Yagi
Queen Ynci
Tieg Zaharia

 Banned Books Master List

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The Vonnegut Library seeks support for its Banned Books Week activities this year. We are looking for donations and volunteers. To learn more about our Banned Books Week activities and donate to the cause, email us.  Please e-mail us at if you can help with events.