The Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library, Eskenazi Health, and Indy Eleven are teaming up to bring Vonnegut and personal narrative to eighth graders at IPS H.L. Harshman Middle School.

Being an eighth grader is not easy. The pressure comes from all sides: parents, academics, sexuality, sports. We could spend all day listing the dozens of elements in the average middle schooler’s story. That’s why, with the help of local sports stars from Indy Eleven, we’re spending afternoons in the classroom helping young people turn their personal struggles into works of literary art. Through writing, these young people can heal, they can grow, and they can learn more about themselves (and each other) than they ever thought possible.

And for today’s young folks, the stakes are high.

Did you know that Suicide is the second leading cause of death for ages 10-24? Or that over 5400 young people in grades 7-12 attempt suicide every single day?

We hope to empower students at Harshman Middle to take control of their stories and listen to others’ with empathy and compassion. But we can’t do it without your help.

Please join us in support of this project during the Arts in Education Week of Giving.


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