10 Things You’ll Do At Our 5th Anniversary Block Party


The Vonnegut Library is turning 5.

Let’s (Block) Party!

On January 23rd from 1-3 p.m. at the Athenaeum Bldg. (304 Michigan St., Indianapolis), we will hold an ALL-IN Block Party to celebrate 5 years of the Vonnegut Library! This will be a fun community bash in the spirit of Indiana Humanities’ ALL-IN program, and we need you to show up. Complete 6 out of 8 challenges, and you’ll be entered to win a fabulous prize!

Here are 10 fun, family-friendly activities you’ll be able to find on Saturday:

  1. Hear from our new Mayor, Joe Hogsett!

The mayor himself, Joe Hogsett, will welcome the crowd at our Block Party.

  1. Welcome Indiana’s new Poet Laureate, Shari Wagner.

Rounding out the welcoming committee is our very own Poet Laureate, Shari Wagner. Shari is not only a fabulous writer but also a true embodiment of Vonnegut’s mission to spread art to all. The women veterans’ writing group runs smoothly because of her!  

  1. Play ping pong with Raidious.

Did you know? Vonnegut was crazy for table tennis! Show off your skills (or drop off your kids!) with Raidious at our ping pong table!

  1. Add a book to our Banned Books Week collection.

Have you seen the great wall of books encircling our Banned Books Week “captive”? Now’s your chance to make your mark on it! Indiana Writers Center is helping us collect your favorite banned books for our collection.

  1. Show us your Vonnegut Family photos, letters, documents.

Do you have a photo of Kurt Vonnegut or his sister? How about an old copy of the Shortridge High daily newspaper? A Vonnegut Hardware Store flyer? With the help of IUPUI, we will digitize these items for you and send you home with a free thumb drive so that you can capture these items electronically.

  1. Discover food from new cultures (for free!)

The International Marketplace Coalition and the Rathskeller will not disappoint! Sample treats from around the world (for free)!

  1. Honor our Veterans with Indy Honor Flight.  

“Jersey” John Cimasko is chomping at the bit to tell the story of local veterans’ trips to Washington, D.C.

  1. Write to your reps & register to vote with Herron High School.

Herron students will be on hand to help you find your representatives and even register to vote before the big election! (Voter registration is voluntary and optional.)   

  1. See the beautiful (Vonnegut-designed) Athenaeum Building.

We didn’t choose just any old place for this special celebration. We chose to work with the Athenaeum and its wonderful staff as this place is special. Kurt Vonnegut’s grandfather designed this gorgeous building. Make sure to check out the sculpture of Vonnegut downstairs in the Rathskeller Restaurant. Thanks to the Athenaeum and the Rathskeller for supporting this event!

  1. Learn About the ALL-IN program.

Thanks to Indiana Humanities for the grant that provided this important event for the Vonnegut Library’s 5th Anniversary! More information about going ALL-IN here


See you at the A! Register here for FREE admission! 

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