2021 Teaching Vonnegut Workshop Schedule

Here is the 2021 Teaching Vonnegut lineup! Please click on the workshop titles for a synopsis of the workshop and more information on the workshop’s instructor. 


July 6th

A Teacher’s Field Guide to Vonnegut’s Planetary Citizenship
Tales from Leon Trout’s Curiosities Shop
by Christina Jarvis
July 6th, 4-6 pm EST

Reclaiming Your Community
How Talent-Retention and Social-Equality are Connected
by Majora Carter
July 6th, 7-9 pm EST

July 13th

Tools for Teaching in the Virtual Environment
Using Nearpod Remote Learning Technology to Teach Vonnegut & Other Authors
by Brittany Cain
July 13th, 4-6pm EST

The Wit and Wisdom of Vonnegut
Artistic & Ecological views in The Janitor – a comic-opera
by William Doyle and inspired by The Sirens of Titan
July 13th, 7-9pm EST

July 20th

Vonnegut on White Supremacy
An opportunity to analyze and discuss depictions of racism in Vonnegut’s fiction
by Steve Ellerhoff
July 20th, 1-3pm EST

Write Like a Human Being. Write Like a Writer.
Vonnegut’s Advice to His Students
by Suzanne McConnell
July 20th, 4-6pm EST

God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater a Philanthropic Study
by Kathi Badertscher
July 20th, 7-9pm EST

July 27th

Vonnegut: A Writer for the 21st Century
Teaching Vonnegut as Contemporary Lit
by Cara Lane
July 27th, 1-3pm EST

You Can’t Say That… Oh Wait, Maybe You Can
The Laws of Censorship In and Out of the Classroom
By Barry Lynn
July 27th, 4-6pm EST