A Final Glimpse from the Window

It’s the last night in the window. What a week! What Kurt might have called, “dancing lessons from God.”

It has been an honor and a privilege to be here, and experience the KVML in a way not possible for the casual visitor. And I got to experience Banned Books Week in a most immersive way. There are so many great people, so many great talks, so many great poems, so many great conversations…and surprisingly, a lot of great music.

I need to thank a lot of people. I feel like I did very little really. So many did so much for me.

So here goes…

Thanks to…

  • Julia Whitehead for taking a chance on an unknown quantity.
  • The great staff of Chris, Matthew and Kate. Spoiled me mercilessly.
  • Corey Michael Dalton, Hugh Vandivier and Tim Youd for leading the way.
  • DePauw University and everyone at the DPU Libraries-I love you guys!
  • Professors Joe Heithaus (DePauw), Marc Hudson (Wabash College) and Tyrone Williams (Xavier) for teaching me poetry…finally.
  • President Greg Hess and Librarian John Lamborn from Wabash College.
  • Constance Macy from the IRT (Ferlinghetti!) and all the great speakers and presenters this week. I learned so much!
  • And of course, Nannette Vonnegut. Yet another honor.

All the great restaurants and Sarah at NUVO for the FEASTS!

  • Public Greens
  • Foundry Provisions
  • Fresco Italian Eatery
  • Love Handle
  • Milktooth
  • BEAST Food Truck
  • Libertine
  • Penn & Palate
  • Ezra’s Enlightened Cafe

And my family…

  • Ann, Dewey and the Kitties
  • My daughter Savannah and son Reggie. My favorite readers of banned books.
  • My sister Vickie (where the whole Vonnegut thing started for me), my niece Carrie and her family (Nick, Ella and Jack).

So…that’s about it…just one more thing…

My predecessors in the window suffered for their art. In their honor, and as a final act of bravery, I now share with you my poem. Isn’t it beautifully typed? I cleverly call it…


spending the night at the Vonnegut library



where he sat


(not) smoking

where he smoked


trying to close the gap

between he and I



what he read



under his name



he were here



for an epiphany



for a cigarette


From the window…

Rick Provine

October 1, 2015



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