Alejandra Gonzalez | Olcott, NY


It’s sort of awkward to write to a guy whose up in heaven now, but I’ll try my best to set that aside and convey what your works mean to me.

I’m pretty sure before I had the opportunity to really delve into your works I was sick. This past semester I was exposed to a number of your works, and while you rarely if ever gave me solutions to the hideous world we live in, you at least gave me hope. I’ll admit, at first I thought your works were pretty damn pessimistic because of the lack of solutions and the dystopian worlds you presented to us. Even then, they made me laugh, which was worth something. But there’s always a thread of hope (however small) throughout your works that makes me think despite our bad chemicals, we might be able to figure something out for this sick world. I think I might be well again, and ready to do some of the work that needs to be done. So even though you’re up in heaven, and I still don’t know much of anything, thanks for everything.

– Alejandra Gonzalez


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