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Alice Vonnegut Letter to Family 3.27.45 – property of Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library

Reading: Vonnegut, Oz, & Grass. PEN Congress, 1986
Kurt Vonnegut, Amos Oz, and Günter Grass read from their work at the 1986 PEN Congress. Vonnegut: Introductory remarks, followed by reading of his 1985 MIT lecture.
Panel: The Statesman’s View of the Imagination, PEN Congress, 1/17/1986
Arthur Schlesinger, Bruno Kreisky, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Francis FitzGerald, Kurt Vonnegut, George McGovern, Mario Vargas Llosa, and Mario Soldati talk about the interaction between the state and intellectuals. The heated Q & A section includes Breyten Breytenbach, Amos Oz, and Gunter Grass asking questions of the panelists.
Panel: Censorship in the USA. PEN Congress, 1/15/1986
A session of American writers and publishers looking at the problems of censorship in the United States. Barbara Parker talks about textbook censorship, Kurt Vonnegut talks about library censorship, Gay Talese discusses censorship of pornography, Rose Styron and Charles Rembar talk about the US government and courts, and Margaret Atwood discusses censorship in Canada.
Freedom to Write Meeting and Panel, 4/11/1985
Kurt Vonnegut, Rose Styron, and others, including Allen Ginsberg, discuss their trip to Poland and the status of Polish authors and underground publishing there.
American Writer’s Congress: The Book Wars–Local Censorship, 1981
A panel of educators, authors, and activists on various fronts—including Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. and Michael Farris, of the Moral Majority—have a spirited debate over textbooks, what should be taught in schools, and who gets to decide.

An Interview with KV Friend and Artistic Collaborator Joe Petro