Donor Spotlight: Tom Crosby

Thomas CrosbyThis month, meet Tom Crosby, a new member of the KVML board and Director of Global Stakeholder Relations & Strategy at Eli Lilly and Company. Thank you, Tom, for your guidance and support! We’re so glad you love what we stand for as much as we do, and we’re happy to have you as part of our team.

I am proud to support the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library because it stands for freedom of ideas and thinking beyond, and it’s done with tongue-in-cheek humor.  That’s what resonates to me when I read Vonnegut’s works and learn about his life.  It is important to me that other people are exposed to these ideas, as well.  I grew up in a family that allowed me to read what I wanted and learn from it what I could.  My high school was pretty normal, and, yes, there were books which we were not allowed to check out unless we had parents’ permission.  I never understood the value of blocking people from reading certain things.  Because Vonnegut frequently made the censorship list, it generated interest from me; my small attempt at being a rebel.  Once I read his work, I was hooked.  He brought new ideas and approaches to philosophy, religion, and psychology and presented them with a light dose of sci-fi, sprinkled with humor on top.  His work could not have been more up my alley.  Supporting the KVML ensures that other teens will have the opportunity that I had to become more aware and learn via this same format.  The KVML has a strong stance in support of anti-censorship.
My favorite Vonnegut book is Cat’s Cradle.  I read it during my formative years when both his humor and ideas were very eye opening to me.  He focused on religions, cults, and the human need to be a part of something.  These were not topics I normally sought out.  His ideas were new to me and something that I instantly fell in love with.  As I think back about the characters and topics in the book, including a dictator with a potential Armageddon situation just around the corner, it definitely makes me a little nervous with everything going on in the world today.  I sure hope we do not see any Ice-9 dumped into the water in the coming years.

Thank you Tom for your time and service to the organization. If anyone would like to join Tom in supporting the great work the Vonnegut Library does every year, please consider donating and becoming a member of the organization.

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