In Timequake, Vonnegut answers his own question, “Still and all, why bother?” with “Many people need desperately to receive this message: I feel and think much as you do, care about many of the things you care about…You are not alone.”

This Giving Tuesday 2019, give to get more Vonnegut. Donate and help the Vonnegut Library with funding for our new location. “Why bother?” you ask. Because many more people need to receive Vonnegut’s message of free expression, common decency, peace, and connected-ness.

The money raised through the Giving Tuesday campaign will help the Vonnegut Library expand—literally!

In the last several years, we hosted more than a hundred artists, performers, authors, and poets. We gave tours to more than 15,000 people, and we provided our educational programs and creative writing workshops to hundreds of veterans, teachers, students, and others.
Our staff is trained on registering voters, and we are ready to register any visitor from Indiana or other states. We’ve worked with partners like Harshman Middle School and Indy Eleven soccer team to bring personal narrative and Slaughterhouse-Five to eighth graders. We give scholarships to students at Shortridge High School, Kurt’s alma mater. We host teacher workshops… in Indy or other locations including Baltimore City and Chicago. We’ve worked with Indiana Writers Center on veterans writing workshops. We celebrated the Year of Vonnegut in partnership with Visit Indy and the City of Indianapolis, holding monthly programs all through 2017. And we are preparing to open the doors of our a building, the building many of you are making possible. It’s really quite amazing what our little library does. And we hope you will take this opportunity to support our shared future.

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