The Submissions Site for Our Ninth So It Goes Journal Opened January 1, 2020.

The submission period for our ninth annual So It Goes Literary Journal opened January 1, 2020, and closes March 1, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. EST. The theme is Civic Engagement.

The year 2020 marks another big national election for the people of the United States of America, and we know some of our friends in other countries around the world also will be electing national leaders. As such, the year’s journal theme is civic engagement. We are looking for work that celebrates, critiques, or works for positive change related to  democracy,  freedoms,  ideals, and  country.  Need a little inspiration? Here are a few links to get you thinking:

Political Poetry for Our Times by Alyssa Quart

Poems of Protest, Resistance, and Empowerment

An American Sunrise by Joy Harjo

Now it’s your turn to create, following the Civic Engagement theme, but please do not submit “Vonnegut fan fiction,” as such material will be disqualified.

Submissions are limited to one work of prose (1,250 words max or you’ll be automatically disqualified) OR up to five poems (1,250 words max for all five or you’ll automatically be disqualified) OR five photographs or artwork. Employees of KVML and KVML Board of Directors and Advisory Board Members are not eligible to participate. Everyone else is encouraged to send in a submission(s): Students; amateur or professional writers, poets, artists, and photographers; young or old; and current/retired military veterans. The veteran community was important to Vonnegut, so we imagine he’d love to see literary representation from current and former military personnel, as well.

We will accept new and previously published work (simultaneous submissions are allowed with notification) and will credit the original publisher. If your submission(s) has been published elsewhere (even if it is your own work), you may need permission to publish it in this issue of So It Goes. If this is the case, you must obtain written permission from the rights holder(s) and include this written permission with your submission(s). Please request worldwide rights for print and electronic formats in all languages and editions.

Please double space for prose and single space for poetry. Use 12-point, Times New Roman font. Group multiple poems into ONE document. DO NOT SUBMIT A PDF, or it will be disqualified. For artwork/photos, submit as ONE hi-res document as a JPEG or PNG. All submitters must include a cover letter with a brief biography. 

Click here to submit.

Thank you in advance for your submissions to our ninth issue of So It Goes, and be sure to order a journal in November 2020! Selected contributors will receive one free copy following VonnegutFest.

Our most recent issue (pictured above) and previous issues of the So It Goes journal are available in the library’s online gift shop. Go to

Our Current So It Goes Journal Launched November 9, 2019.

The Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library (KVML) was founded in 2009 to keep the literary, artistic, and cultural legacy of Hoosier author Kurt Vonnegut alive. In 2019, most of our programming focused on the theme of Slaughterhouse-Five, as we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the publication of Vonnegut’s classic novel. Our 2019 So It Goes Literary Journal followed the Slaughterhouse-Five theme, as well.

The journal is getting more and more recognition in the writing and artistic community. This year, we received 339 entries for 65 slots, so the selection process was challenging. Here are a  few stats: Of those selected, we had 48 men, 17 women, and 16 veterans. Sixteen of our contributors were from Indiana; 45 were out of state; and 4 were out of country. The journal features 38 poems, 26 prose pieces, 1 photograph, 13 pieces of artwork, and 5 testimonials.

We solicited work from 11 people, including student writers from the Indiana Prison Writers workshop, led by our friend Debra Des Vignes. We are also grateful for contributions from our writer friends Jacqueline Woodson and Kao Kalia Yang, as well as Lance Miccio, Mark Vonnegut, Jim Lehrer, Dave Eggers, Peter Sagal, and Chris Crowe. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the absurdities or war and life, imprisonment, and science fiction and for being part of our Slaughterhouse-Five anniversary year.

Putting this nearly 200-page book together took a lot of time, and we are indebted to our mostly volunteer team. Thanks to our fearless leader Julia Whitehead, our editor Meredith Cummings, and our designer Bianca Pena. Also, we’re grateful to our always reliable friend Corey Dalton and a new team of Minnesota-based editors and proofreaders, including Annaleigh Cummings, Shaina Olmanson, Kate Schefer, Rachel Zugschwert, and Julie Harman. Thanks also to our Board of Directors for their support and encouragement and Printing Partners, who helped us put together this beautiful journal.

Most especially thanks to all of  the contributors for sharing your talent and for your commitment to make this journal the best it can be. We were so happy to premier Issue 8 in our new Forever Home.



If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected]. 

Copies are available online!