Julia Whitehead, Our President

This is a small, much deserved, President’s Day tribute to our founder and Executive Director, Julia Whitehead.  Julia came up with the idea for a library dedicated to the memory of Kurt Vonnegut in 2008 and has worked tirelessly to see her dream become a reality.  Everyone involved with the KVML is so thankful to have Julia involved.  Her passion and enthusiasm for this organization is evident in the success that the library has achieved thus far.  Without Julia, this wonderful library would not be in existence today.  Thank you, Julia, for everything that you do.  You are truly an inspiration.

See the following links for more information about Julia and the wonderful work that she does for the KVML.

KVML President’s Message

A Conversation with Julia Whitehead

CSPAN BookTV Library Tour with Julia Whitehead

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  1. Jane Wehrle

    Thank you, Dear Julia, for all your hard work and incredible vision.
    The KVML Baltimore Chapter Book Club sends warm congratulations and great enthusiasm and support for many exciting years of super ventures ahead.
    We love sharing the work and vision of Kurt Vonnegut in our part of the country. We are hoping for a visit from you soon and I personally will see you in April in Indianapolis!

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