Justin Hubbard | Jamestown, NY

Jamestown NY

Dear Kurt,

Up until January of this year I had never heard of your name. See I am a social studies teacher
and am in grad school pursuing a degree in literacy. There was a conflict with my schedule and
instead of taking children’s literacy I was told to take your class. Obviously you are not what I
would consider a children’s author. I was very intimidated being in class with not only English
major but some very big fans of yours, especially the professor. I was also worried about the vast
amount of reading that I would have to do for this class. See I enjoy reading but can get
sidetracked if I don’t enjoy the book. Through this class I have read more of you than any other
author. I feel like I know you in a way. It’s interesting. Not so sure if I in fact like your style of
writing. I must say I was disappointed with SH5. Many people I talked to stated that it was a
must read. I found it underwhelming. I do however understand why you had to write it and why
it means so much to so many people. I learned from your works that writing isn’t always about
the audience. Sometimes it is about the author trying to make some sense of the world that they
may no longer wish to be a part of. I know that feeling. Through your books I have realized that I
was growing dismayed and disappointed with people. I now know that the feeling I had and still
at times have is normal for many people. I question what people are for. I try to think about that
every once and a while and flip it to ask “what am I for?” So if anything I thank you for helping
me realize that I can read many books, that I can discuss items that I once thought were out of
my element, and for helping me through a difficult time.

Justin Hubbard

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