Kassandra Kum | Jamestown, NY

Dear Kurt,

I feel as though I have heard your name for ages but never got the chance to know you. It wasn’t until I took the graduate course at my university devoted to your works and your life that I finally got to be immersed in your world. I couldn’t believe the stories I had been missing out on! Your works really inspired me to think outside the box, to challenge norms, and be creative in every area of my life.
It was for this reason that I wanted to create a public engagement project for that class. My idea was to create a series of posters about you, and various aspects of your work and life, and have them spread through my university. With the help of my classmate, we created five posters about who you were, your advice to college students, your art, and your impact. We also created a poster for people to write on, just to express themselves in their last weeks of classes, and we wanted it to represent the work you did to combat censorship. We created social media accounts so that we could try to spread your message farther than just our campus. Through this project, I have learned so much about you, and come to admire you even more. I just want everyone to know about you and have as much of an appreciation for you as I do.
Right now, it feels as if I’m trying to wrap up a letter to a long past grandfather I never got to say goodbye to. I’ll carry your works and your messages with me through my life, and I’m sure in my own writing, creative projects, and activism I’ll ask my self occasionally, What would Kurt do?

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