Olivia Gwise | Freedonia, NY

Hey Kurt,

I want to start off with a huge thank you. Your writing has had a special place in my life since I first read Slaughterhouse Five about 4 years ago in a high school English class. After reading that book, I just kept picking up and reading more and more of your work. Now I’m in college at SUNY Fredonia and this semester I took an honors class all about your writing and influences. I’m so happy I had this opportunity to learn so much about your writing and your life. I love your writing style, dark humor, and satire so much! Our world needs more writers like you. Your writing can be so mind expanding and eye opening, things a lot more people need in today’s society.
Most recently, I’ve read Galápagos and I really like the way you portrayed “evolution” as a kind of “de-evolution”. While reading Galápagos, I felt like I was reading about the world I’m living in today, reading about what no one can see, or wants to see, or what people are just trying to ignore. I really have not been impressed with humanity recently. Reading Galápagos made me feel like you were articulating some of the things I often think about today’s world and some of what I think about all the human destruction everywhere. I really try to have some hope for society, but it just seems like disastrous events keep occurring over and over again and I’m just repeatedly disappointed in humanity. I hope one day a lot more people will wake up and see what our society is doing and finally start to work together to fix things out of love for our planet and for each other. We can only hope.
Your writing will always be really important to me in my life. I’m so thankful I’ve had the opportunity to read so much of your writing and learn so much about you. Somehow your words really seem to connect with a lot of my thoughts in ways that not a lot of other writing has been able to do. It’s been such a wonderful and unexpected surprise to discover someone who thinks about some of the things that I do, the way that I do, and who also puts those thoughts into words. I really appreciate all the wonderful art you given to our crazy society. It really does help to make this world a slightly better place.
Olivia Gwise

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