Photos from Tonight’s Sneak Peek of the KVML

This evening’s public open house sneak peek of the KVML was a huge success!  Hundreds of people worked their way through the in-progress space, viewing historical artifacts related to Vonnegut’s life (such as his typewriter, his purple heart, and an unopened letter from his father sent to him during WWII), several paintings by Vonnegut himself, and the 20-feet-long mural “Star Time,” which presents a timeline of important events in Vonnegut’s life.  Although the library is only about half finished, we certainly appreciate folks taking the time to come show their interest in and support for the project.  For those of you who couldn’t make it, here are some photos I snapped!

The main entry and front window to the KVML.

Visitors enter both doors at the KVML.

Vonnegut's trusty typewriter.

The front art gallery with string quartet.

"Star Time," the timeline of events in Vonnegut's life.

The three most important places in Indy - the Statehouse, Lucas Oil Stadium, and the KVML.


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  1. Jack Dakota


    Thanks for sharing your photos.

    Do you have any more photos for those who were unable to attend the events on Thursday and Friday nights?

    I’m in Oneida, Tennessee–just south of Kentucky on U.S. 27. I’m approaching the gold fields of North Georgia.

    Jack Dakota

  2. Corey Michael Dalton

    Hey, man! I don’t have any more pictures, but there are a slew to view on our Facebook page.

    And thanks for all of your help in getting the space ready for the preview night! I don’t know how we would have done it without you. Your efforts were much appreciated.

  3. Edward Rucker

    Great article in the New York Times today – November 20, 2010. Congratulations!

    Look forward to visiting next month when I am back in Indy.

    Ed Rucker
    Charlottesville, VA

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