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If you read the 9/24/10 post from Corey Dalton, you learned that he, Rebeccah Glass, and I would be blogging on a weekly basis for the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library (KVML). My name is Shannon Bahler, and unlike Corey and Rebeccah, who have been with KVML for a while, I have just recently become involved with the organization.

Although my career has spanned different industries, it has always involved handling information in some form or another. I started out as an aspiring librarian and then detoured into the publishing industry fifteen years ago. In my publishing career, I concentrate on the non-glamorous aspects of the industry that never seem to make it onto episodic television: budgets, scheduling, quality control for printed and electronic final product, research, and holding people’s feet to the fire (not literally, of course) to meet deadlines. My career has come full circle now, as I am taking courses at Indiana University toward a master’s degree in library and information science.

So how does this background qualify me as a blogger for KVML? I will be putting my research skills to work for KVML blog readers. Like a ferret, I will be pawing through various information sources for interesting quick hits about Vonnegut and related subjects. My posts will be wide-ranging and might include anything from a link to an audio interview with Vonnegut himself to archival material such as old book reviews, to articles from other writers who have cited Vonnegut as an influence.

Also, I will be working behind the scenes with our technical folks to enhance the blog’s structure. We’ve already added one feature: the ability to share our content through an even greater variety of social networking sites. Stay tuned for more improvements! 

As Corey said last week, all of the KVML bloggers welcome any suggestions from our readers. If you have something you’d like for me to write about or if there are enhancements to the blog itself that would improve your reading experience, drop me an e-mail at [email protected].

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