Submitting Your Thanks to Kurt Letter

All submissions are accepted and published exactly as they are received. Proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling are great tools for effective communication. We recommend using them as much as possible in your daily life, but they are not required.

We ask that your submission be written as a letter to Kurt Vonnegut and that you provide accurate information regarding your relative age and location. We’re totally cool with pen names.

There are two ways to submit your letter

  1. Email your letter to [email protected]
    • Include your name and relative location in the subject line
    • Include your letter in the body of the email (please do not send attachments!)
  2. Mail us your letter to Thanks To Kurt c/o Vonnegut Library, 340 N. Senate Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46204
    • Include your name and relative age and location at the top of your letter

Once we’ve received your submission, we’ll do our absolute best to have it published exactly as you sent it within a week.