Lewis Black and Julia Whitehead

Lewis Black and Vonnegut Library Executive Director, Julia Whitehead

Dear Human Being:

Do you know me? I am someone who makes a living off of trying to make people laugh. The people at the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library in Indianapolis think my books and comedy routines are funny. They learned that I was influenced by the work of Kurt Vonnegut, and they invited me to serve on their Honorary Board of Directors. I was fortunate to visit that little gem of a library and museum, the Vonnegut Library, last year. Vonnegut was one of the few people who made a significant difference on this planet, and his work continues to inspire college students when they can let go of their little hand-held devices and their beer cans long enough to pick up a book. I’m happy to show my support for the Vonnegut Library, and I’m reaching out to you in hopes that you’ll provide support for an important program offered each year to our public high school teachers.

Vonnegut said:

Listen. All great literature is about what a bummer it is to be a human being: Moby Dick, Huckleberry Finn, The Red Badge of Courage, the Iliad and the Odyssey, Crime and Punishment, the Bible, and The Charge of the Light Brigade

It is on that cheery note that we’d like to share details with you about other great literature… Kurt Vonnegut’s books Slaughterhouse Five, Cat’s Cradle, Breakfast of Champions,  and many other works that will be discussed during the Vonnegut Library’s special summer program for public school teachers called “Teaching Teachers to Teach Vonnegut Summer Workshop.” I don’t particularly like the alliterative title for the course but whatever…

This year’s workshop will be held July 14th-18th in Indianapolis. Indiana Arts Commission funds a portion of this program. (Yes, even Red States recognize the brilliance of Kurt Vonnegut). I hope you will help provide funding to support the remaining costs of this program that provides free professional development credits for teachers in a fun and educational environment with speakers and a field trip.

The Vonnegut Library accepts your cash, checks, your online donations, gifts of stock and real estate for you high-rollers, etc. You can even include the program in your will to ensure that it’s available for future teachers.

Please join me in giving to this special cause.


Lewis Black

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