Thanks to Kurt is a growing collection of open letters to Kurt Vonnegut. And in the spirit of Kurt, all submissions are accepted and published exactly as they are received. No editing. No censoring.

Our hopes for the Thanks to Kurt project:

  1. That the letters will reflect how the wit and wisdom of Vonnegut touches people from all over the world, at all stages of life, and at all level of grammatical and punctual sophistication.
  2. That you’ll find some letters you love and share. And then that write your own.
  3. That we’ll figure out something really, really cool  to do with our favorite letters we receive throughout the year. It’s a new idea, so we’re playing our cards close to our chest, but we want you to know that we’re dreaming about bigger things. (We strongly prefer happy surprises to unfulfilled promises.)
The Letters

Dear Mr. Vonnegut,  I'm not even positive where to begin. I suppose I would place this correspondence somewhere between a cry for help and kudos, on a job well done. Senior year of high school finds me trying to stall…

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Jane O’Shields-Hayner, California

Happy Birthday, Kurt. Published on November 12, 2015 in The Manifest Station online journal. Jane is a Southern California based writer and visual artist with a life-long history of social activism. “We are what we pretend to be, so we…

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Cole Tronsky, Hampden, MA

Dear Kurt Vonnegut, “Why can’t I be like everyone else?” is what I thought. I hated that I did not fit in with them. I wasn’t athletic or funny or anything that would make me somebody. Your story Harrison Bergeron…

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Andy Wright, Ontario, New York

Evening Mr. Vonnegut, Not that either of us really believe in an afterlife, but I'm sure they've got wifi there, so why wouldn't you receive this letter? Everyone's heard of Kurt Vonnegut before and most people have read one of…

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William Bradley, Dunkirk, NY

Dear Kurt, After reading a substantial amount of your work over a relatively short period of time, I still do not know what people are for. I do not know how a government could successfully work for the equal benefit…

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Brittany Baker, Elmira, New York

Dear Kurt, thank you so much for writing and better yet, sharing your work. Studying your work (even for school) was fun and your awareness of the human condition is refreshing. Although it took me taking a Vonnegut themed college…

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Rachel Beneway, Syracuse NY

Dear Kurt, Instead of telling you about your own work and how I’ve interpreted it, I want to tell you how it has affected me. I hope that’s okay. I’ve never considered myself a religious person. Growing up, my mom…

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Sean Patrick, Fredonia, New York

Dear Mr. Vonnegut, Until about six months ago I had no idea who you were. The occasional mention of your name rang a bell when an older man presented me with your book Timequake this past summer, but I had…

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