Thanks to Kurt is a growing collection of open letters to Kurt Vonnegut. And in the spirit of Kurt, all submissions are accepted and published exactly as they are received. No editing. No censoring.

Our hopes for the Thanks to Kurt project:

  1. That the letters will reflect how the wit and wisdom of Vonnegut touches people from all over the world, at all stages of life, and at all level of grammatical and punctual sophistication.
  2. That you’ll find some letters you love and share. And then that write your own.
  3. That we’ll figure out something really, really cool  to do with our favorite letters we receive throughout the year. It’s a new idea, so we’re playing our cards close to our chest, but we want you to know that we’re dreaming about bigger things. (We strongly prefer happy surprises to unfulfilled promises.)
The Letters

Sam Schaeffer Harrisonburg, VA

Dear K.V,My name is Sam Schaeffer and I discovered your work fairly recently. I read Harrison Bergeron in high school, and then worked my way through several of your novels this semester in a major writer’s course at SUNY Fredonia. As my sophomore…

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Molly Anglum | Rochester, NY

Kurt Vonnegut, Thank you for being real and speaking freely in your novels. Unfortunately, many can’t appreciate your candor but that is why I begin my letter with thanks. Because I appreciate it. The ways in which you get people…

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Ashley Halm | Corning, NY

Dear Kurt, Sometimes I wonder who will meet me at the mouth of that big blue tunnel to the Afterlife, if such a thing is to be believed in. When I was a child, experiencing death largely consisted of putting…

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Elijah VanEpps | Albion, NY

Dear Kurt, As I close out my sophomore year of college, I find that the world is often not as pretty as it used to seem. With adulthood slowly (oh my God, so slowly) creeping up on me, I notice…

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Adam C Banker | Utica, NY

Adam from Utica, NY Dear Kurt, I hope you don’t mind, but I recently borrowed one of your famous phrases (which you borrowed from Uncle Alex) for a speech. I of course attributed the quote to you (sorry, Uncle Alex!).…

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Dylan Kiener | Alden, NY

Dear Kurt, I am currently a college student and I am enrolled in a class about you. Up until this class, I had never read any of your works and did not even know who you were. The books we…

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Kassandra Kum | Jamestown, NY

Dear Kurt, I feel as though I have heard your name for ages but never got the chance to know you. It wasn't until I took the graduate course at my university devoted to your works and your life that…

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Kimberly Gabel | Lawtons, NY

Dear Mr. Vonnegut, I will start by being honest, at this time 5 months ago, I did not know who you were. I was looking for classes to take during the spring semester of my sophomore year at SUNY Fredonia…

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Alejandra Gonzalez | Olcott, NY

Kurt, It’s sort of awkward to write to a guy whose up in heaven now, but I’ll try my best to set that aside and convey what your works mean to me. I’m pretty sure before I had the opportunity…

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