The Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library just got even cooler.

On what would have been Kurt’s 99 th birthday this year on November 11, world-famous actor
and comedian Lewis Black was named the new chairperson of the board for the KVML in 2022.
2022 is the year of Vonnegut and “a century of stories” to celebrate Kurt’s 100 th birthday.

KVML Founder and CEO Julia Whitehead said, “It’s unprecedented for our organization to have
this specific scenario. We’ve been trying to become a national organization for many years; it just
naturally will happen with him as board chair.

“His own messages of social justice and just being kind to people, there’s a lot of overlap
between Lewis Black and Kurt Vonnegut. How fortunate for us that he is willing to spend that
time with us and that knowledge and all of the work that goes along with being board chair,”
Whitehead said.

Black first discovered Vonnegut by reading Cat’s Cradle during a summer job as a kid. “Finally
I didn’t feel crazy anymore,” Black wrote. “He made me feel comfortable in what I thought was
my madness. I immediately followed it up by reading Sirens of Titan. And then whatever he
wrote, I would read. He was my psychic road map.”

“If this isn’t nice, what is?”

Click here to read the full-article from Domenica Bongiovanni, Arts and Creativity Reporter for
the IndyStar.

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