Timetravel with a True Tralfamadorian during Banned Books Week

On September 24, inter-dimensional time traveler, Dr. Greg Bravehorse, will enter a “prison” built of banned books at the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library (KVML). Over six days, he will write an essay in the spirit of Kurt Vonnegut using a replica of Vonnegut’s blue Smith Corona typewriter. He will also compose “typewriter tweets” about banned books, an impending “language virus” called ICE140, and life on his home planet of #Tralfamadore. Dr. Bravehorse’s alter ego and spokesperson, Craig Brandhorst, denies that the event is performance art.

“Dr. Bravehorse is coming to earth to warn humanity about the imminent erosion of written communication and doing it the only way he knows how — 140 characters at a time,” says Brandhorst. “He’s also very excited to meet the people of Indianapolis and learn more about the city’s native son, Kurt Vonnegut.”  So come see the doctor!

Also, he is accepting “fan” mail and questions. Send letters to Dr. Bravehorse *  c/o KVML * 340 N Senate Avenue * Indianapolis, IN * 46204. For a complete Banned Books Week schedule, click here: https://www.vonnegutlibrary.org/events/bannedbooksweek/

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