Welcome to the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library Blog!

Welcome to the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library Blog! I am honored, grateful, and I must admit, a little nervous to author this blog. Why am I nervous? I have been asked to write for a library dedicated to a man whom I consider to be one of the best American authors of the 20th century. Despite the fear of failure and rejection that has since been churning at the pit of my stomach, I could not turn down such an amazing opportunity. I hope that I can live up to the challenge and do not disappoint you.

My goal for this blog is to spread knowledge about not only the life of Kurt Vonnegut, but also the things that influenced him and the impact he has had on the world. I will also write about KVML happenings. This is an informal blog and I hope that you take the time to comment, make suggestions, and share your Vonnegut experiences with me. What about Kurt Vonnegut’s life do you want to know more about? Humanism? Indianapolis? Unfiltered Pall Malls? You tell me. I do not pretend to be a Vonnegut expert but I will work hard to find the answers and look forward to learning more about his life, work, and influences with you.

Here we are, insecurities cast aside, at the end of the first blog post for the KVML. I hope at least some of you are as excited about this as I am.

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  1. Caralyn

    I’ve officially bookmarked this site!
    Welcome to the Monkey House is the perfect subhead for this blog.

  2. Stefanie

    Very excited. I can’t wait to read and learn more. I just picked up Look at the Birdie and am so looking forward to snuggling in tonight with my first story.

  3. Dave

    I ‘m curious about the postcard.
    I assume that’s his signature – if so, did he include the sketch often?
    I am excited to see the Vonnegut blog up!

  4. Miranda

    Ever since I read my first KV book as a 20-something exploring the world while living in Maryland, I have had great respect and admiration for this incredible man. How cool is it that I have lived in Indy since 1976, even though I was introduced to him on the east coast. I am looking forward to reading more of your blogs and am re-reading the books I read so very long ago.

  5. Julia Whitehead

    The Vonnegut Library Book Club is reading Player Piano for the February discussion, which will take place at the Rathskeller in Indy on the last Thursday in February at 7 p.m. I like to think that someday there will be Vonnegut Library Book Club chapters all over the country!

  6. joe

    I am an old, but avid fan of the man, but must be in the onset of ‘sometimers disease’..I read a novel of his years ago, that had a character named ‘andy van slyke’, thought I had it, must’ve been the librarys, and search as I have rigorously, can find no help here..(so it goes??) ..in webville..can any one tell me what book he’s in??..is there anyone here who’s ‘breakfast of champions’ is not wilted corn flakes’ like my mind has become???..halp!!
    ( and thanx..)

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