Why become a sustaining member of the Vonnegut Library? KimAnn Schultz explains it all!

KASchultz7-14-150x150KimAnn Schultz, a local writer, illustrator, Marine mom, and arts advocate (and KVML board member) sat down with us to share why she is a monthly sustaining member of the Vonnegut Library.

Inspired to skip a couple of cappuccinos and become a sustaining member yourself? Join the karass here

Read on to find out why one of Indy’s most stylish and creative community activists gives her time and treasure to support the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library.
Why did you choose to become a sustaining member of the Vonnegut Library?
The Vonnegut Library is an important new Indianapolis arts-based entity, there to promote the legacy of Kurt Vonnegut and his body of work– work that inspires me as a writer, arts advocate and Marine mom. The KVML is new enough that the support needed is of the purest kind. I want to help establish its viability and sustainability, and I want to help the KVML grow up and into its potential, which is to serve as a shining star destination locally, nationally, and internationally.
What KVML program are you most excited to help fund?
I am a great believer the arts as a source for personal expression– no matter how radical or difficult, be it privately held or publicly shared– for the sake of growth and healing and personal/societal evolution, and especially as an alternative to violent expression. Educational programs that foster personal arts-based expression and exploration of the theatrical and visual arts, programs that help educate [the community] at large are the nearest and dearest to my heart, to which I contribute both time and funds.
What do you hope your contribution helps KVML achieve in the future?
I want what I do and give to the KVML to help it on its path to perpetuity in whatever way is deemed suitable, and that is because I trust the commitment of the library’s board, directors, and founder Julia Whitehead.

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