A Teacher’s Field Guide to Vonnegut’s Planetary Citizenship

Tales from Leon Trout’s Curiosities Shop
by Christina Jarvis

July 6th  4-6pm EST

Workshop Synopsis
Allowing his environmental and social justice engagements to take center stage, this presentation offers an overview of Kurt Vonnegut’s planetary citizenship along with discussions of Galápagos and Cat’s Cradle. In addition to sharing some of her “peculiar travel suggestions” working with Vonnegut’s manuscripts at the Lilly Library, Jarvis offers specific ideas for teaching both novels in environmental contexts. The workshop will include interactive breakout room sessions for teachers to share and refine their own Vonnegut-inspired pedagogical approaches.

Christina Jarvis
Professor of English at SUNY Fredonia
— Ph.D., Penn State University

Christina Jarvis teaches courses in sustainability and 20th-century American literature and culture, including several different major author seminars on Kurt Vonnegut. She is the author of the book The Male Body at War: American Masculinity during World War II, and has published articles in journals such as Women’s Studies, The Southern Quarterly, The Journal of Men’s Studies, and War, Literature, and the Arts. In addition to her published essays on Slaughterhouse-Five and Hocus Pocus, she is in the final stages of completing a book about Vonnegut’s planetary citizenship.