The Wit and Wisdom of Vonnegut

Artistic & Ecological views in The Janitor – a comic-opera
by William Doyle and inspired by The Sirens of Titan

July 13th  7-9pm EST

Workshop Synopsis

Drawing from Player Piano to If This Isn’t Nice, What Is?, this general interest workshop will look at Vonnegut’s wit and wisdom, musical, artistic, and global views.

Dr. Anthony Moreno, who directed and sang the leading role, and principal cast members Ms. Eleen Hsu-Wentlandt (Bubbles), Ms. Alyssa Wills (the CEO), and Mr. Justin Su’esu’e (the Devil) will join the composer.

Utilizing video examples from the premier, live performances from cast members, and a Native American flute performance, Vonnegut’s global views take center stage.

A video performance and program will be available to those interested, via Dropbox, before the workshop opens. And a Question & Answer session will conclude the workshop.

Dr. William Doyle
– Professor of Music, El Camino College
– Doctorate of Music Arts, University of Southern California

Dr. William Doyle is a Professor of Music at El Camino College where he teaches Music History, Music of the Beatles, and World Music. Dr. Doyle discovered the writings of Kurt Vonnegut at an early age and, in 2019, premiered his newest work, The JanitorThis comic-opera is infused with the wit and wisdom, artistic and ecological concerns of Vonnegut was originally inspired by his novel The Sirens of Titan. In 2020, his concert-opera Extraordinary Tales in Music was awarded Best Original Work by the International Edgar Allan Poe Festival.