Add Your Name to Vonnegut History!

The Kurt Vonnegut Museum is opening at a new location later this fall at 543 Indiana Avenue. One of the fun things about creating something new is the opportunity to “put your personal stamp on it.”

One of our permanent exhibitions focuses on Freedom of Expression. As such, we are offering “The Free Speech 50.” Fifty donors (individuals or corporations) contribute $500 each to support the creation of the first phase of this important educational exhibition and the monthly free speech programming.

The names of the donors will be displayed within the exhibit and highlighted in future newsletters and select event programs.

So join us! Call Julia Whitehead at (317) 652-1954 to learn how you can make history by contributing to this important exhibition. If you prefer, sign up at, or complete this form and mail it with a check or credit card info to KVML at:

Kurt Vonnegut Museum Library

P.O. Box 441245

Indianapolis, IN 46244-9998

Yes! Sign me up as one of your Free Speech 50 donors!

_____ Check               _____ Credit Card

Name ________________________________________________________________________

Billing Address ________________________________________________________________

Phone ________________________________________________________________________

Email ________________________________________________________________________

____ Attached is credit card information:

Name on Credit Card ____________________________________________________________

Credit Card Number ___________________________________ Expiration Date ____________

CVV _______            

Your name(s) for The Free Speech 50 Exhibition (please print clearly) 


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