The Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library brings Lewis Black and More to You!

We are so excited to share our growing VIRTUAL Kurt Vonnegut Museum & Library (KVML) with glimpses of Vonnegut-related tours and treasures, works of art, readings, presentations, and installations while our brick and mortar building at 543 Indiana Avenue is temporarily closed. To keep these programs coming, won’t you please consider donating to KVML?

Or join with a membership and enjoy discounts to the super cool items in our online store. Your donation will ensure that we can continue KVML’s mission, which is to champion Kurt Vonnegut and the principles of free expression and common decency. It helps us provide crucial & creative programming, suicide prevention training, payments for artists & performers for upcoming new programming, and educational content to bring great messages of Kurt to you.  Thank you for helping us bring the wisdom of Kurt to one and all.  And for your viewing pleasure, here’s a special Slapstick reading from our Honorary Board Member Lewis Black in his first public appearance since he went into lock down. It’s pure Lewis Black entertainment.  

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